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“Sabrina, you make me proud to be Jewish”

A friend of mine told me this as I came off stage last night. I felt a tug in my heart strings within, so unbelievably honored to hear such words. I, too, have never been more proud. And to everyone who came and filled the auditorium, YOU make ME proud— YOU inspire ME to continue fighting for the Jewish people, affirming my passion to be a champion for tolerance and change.

Last night, I spoke at a much needed forum at my University, GW: Antisemitism & What You Can Do About It (listen to my full speech, closing remarks, here). It was such an honor to speak to and network with such an acclaimed audience— Congressman Chris Smith, Senator Jacky Rosen , Congressman Ted Deutch, Elan Carr, Ira Forman, Leblanc, ChabadGW, MEORDC, and to my student body last night. I am so thankful to be on the board of ChabadGW who provided me such a platform.

This platform provided me the voice I’ve sought all my life—to express my identity with pride, to fight for the country that secures a homeland for the Jewish people. Antisemitism is a prevalent issue not only my college campus and those across the nation, but abroad.

History CAN repeat itself— we MUST TAKE ACTION. Indifference begets hatred— SILENCE is NO LONGER AN OPTION. So please, learn and educate; speak up and advocate. Let’s stop this plague together, because EVERY GROUP has the right to exist and thrive.

Don’t just say you’re educated, but EDUCATE.
Don’t only be proud to be Jewish, but SHOW IT.
Have no fear. You have a voice. Use it.

Be sure to check out my article in the GW Hatchet @gwhatchet on the current antisemitic climate on campus and how we can inspire change at our university.

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