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About Me

Hello, I’m Sabrina

I’m a junior undergraduate in George Washington University’s University Honors Program majoring in Philosophy, Public Affairs, and Judaic Studies. Although born and raised in San Diego, California, my roots include southern Russia, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, and France. I’m fascinated by the global cross-cultural interplay as related to human rights, social systems, diplomacy, and education to shape the future.

I aim to channel my passions through contributing to communities at large. I serve as Vice President of my University’s prominent Jewish organization, Chabad GW who provides me many opportunities to speak on and write about Jewish issues I am passionate about. To reach more diverse readership, I write for both the GW Hatchet and the Times of Israel. I have also written for ICIARA Technologies.

My most recent project has been the publication of my first book, “My Mother’s Mirror: A Generational Story of Purpose, Resilience, & Self-Discovery.” It is a uniquely-styled dual perspective narrative that bridges generations through true stories and value-based tools. I hope to begin giving workshops and seminars about resilience and mental-health, using my book as the foundation. The tools in the book emerge from the USC EDGECenter award-receiving project, SELF-EX: A Guide to Manage Adversity Responsibly, which I co-authored in 2021.

The Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world for the collective good, inspires my character, work, daily life, and aspirations. Naturally curious and intrigued by the world around me, I relish in merging philosophical thought while becoming an agent of critical thinking and personal transformation. I staunchly believe in the harmony between value-based tools and academic freedom to shift societal paradigms to fuel collective goals.

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My Family


My family’s rich culture opens doors for an array of enriching experiences. With family in every corner of the world– from the United States to Mexico, France, and Israel– I enjoy listening to their stories and learning about our history. Additionally, we stay close to our roots by keeping traditions alive and exploring further through traveling.

At home, we celebrate all the Jewish holidays and weekly Friday night dinners. We always try to infuse meaning and education into our evening. With often set topics for conversation that connect to the holiday, our heated discussions are filled with a variety of perspectives. Each guest is tasked with commenting on a particular theme related to their lives. This blend of intellect, intimacy and controversy makes each discussion endless.

Traveling with my family will always be a very prominent part of my life. Each year, we explore various new states and countries. Oftentimes, we choose to areas based on the country’s history and culture. From Morocco to Guatemala to Israel and all over Europe, my global perspectives have enhanced my development and maturity over the years. For example, in Central America, my eyes were opened up to true poverty. Beyond coming home more appreciative for the life I have, I reflected further. I was amazed to see people who struggle to put food on the table daily as truly happy. This was one of the most enriching and enlightening experiences to date.

Among these incredible vacations, the most incredible experience was in 2016 where I travelled across Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland to deepen my research in Holocaust studies, meet with survivors, and speak with historians.

My Friends


In my free time, I love spending time with my friends. Having moved schools a few times, I enjoy bringing all my friends together. Whether it be going on a hike, having dinner together, or seeing a movie, we engage in interesting conversations that keep us up all night! From politics to religion and philosophy, our discussions  never fail to impress me as I constantly gather new ideas and knowledge.  Having a great circle of friends around me is essential to enriching my life and broadening my perspectives.

My Hobbies


I played varsity tennis in high school and used to compete in tournaments. In college, I have made tennis a recreational exercise activity. Keeping active is a routine part of my life: I love SoulCycle, running, and hiking. Prior to tennis, I did gymnastics, soccer, and horseback riding. In the winter, I enjoy time on the slopes with my family in Switzerland or my dad in Vail or Park City.

I’ve also been playing piano since I the age of five. Despite its many challenges, I’m thankful for being able to play and read music of all genres. I also love celebrating cultural festivals and holidays with my friends, ranging from Chinese and Japanese Tea ceremonies, to the Indian festival of Diwali, and the Persian New Year. Celebrating different cultures is extremely valuable and fulfilling and enables me to add different perspectives to the many pieces I write.

My Academic Interest


Reading, analyzing, writing, critical thinking, and debating philosophy are all fond interests of mine. Writing is my preferred mode of expressing thoughts and freeing myself of pent-up emotion. More specifically, I’ve devoted a few years to Holocaust studies, whose philosophical, psychological, and historical questions fascinate me. Conducting research, interviewing survivors locally and globally, and drawing parallels between history and current events has expanded my perspective. I was fortunate to compete in a program called National History Day and present my work.

In college, I am majoring in Philosophy and Public Affairs. I focus on international affairs, human rights, Judaic studies, Middle East Studies, and Journalism. I always seek to take my learning outside the classroom to advocate for causes I am most passionate about like combatting antisemitism and mental health.

I apply my academic passions to projects that help others. Having experienced bullying when I was younger, I wrote my stories and constructed a method that helps kids stand up for themselves and manage adversity.  The books are on their way to being completed will be published soon!

My Community


My mom and I formed Deeds By Kids when I was younger. The group aims to help others–whether they be in need or seeking guidance– in my community. We donated over 1,000 books to an underserved school in San Diego county. Now, through collaborative efforts of community members and Deeds by Kids volunteers, we constructed the SELF-Ex method.

SELF-Ex has been an ongoing project with a goal to publish stories of kids who have experienced adversity and bullying. Most of the stories collected are associated with diverse categories of bullying; each solution depends on the severity of each issue. The method includes techniques to help manage these sticky situations. I’ve realized that having tools to speak up assertively and act responsibly is essential.

My Clubs


Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in Jewish organizations. I participated in the  Youth Action Movement in San Diego during middle and high school. I also participated in Model UN. Today, I take my involvement in clubs to another level in college.

I am the current Vice President of Chabad at the George Washington University. Among holiday celebrations and weekly Shabbat dinners that bring Jewish life together on campus, we hold various events that connect Judaism to politics, international affairs, and social justice. For example, we’ve had discussions with Holocaust survivors and congresspeople and special envoys on how to combat antisemitism. I have the opportunity to attend the Living Legacy Conference and speak at events like the 7th annual GW Diversity Summit and university-wide events with government officials such as anti-Semitism and What You Can Do About It.

I am also a part of MEOR, another Jewish group at GW. We engage in deep discussions about Jewish philosophy through the Maimonides Fellowship, which has been very enlightening. We’ve discussed themes that have inspired my articles and papers on religion, questioning everything about faith from a philosophical standpoint. I am also a writer for the GW Hatchet which has provided me tremendous opportunity.

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