Travels in Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Poland expanded my knowledge in Holocaust studies and fostered my deep passion for human rights.

How Could Humans Commit Such Atrocity Upon Other Humans?

Through extensively researching the Holocaust in the eighth grade for my National History Day project, my fascination with the topic grew. I still had so many questions unanswered. I was curious to dig deeper and deeper.

As an opportunity to travel to Europe in spring of 2016 arose, my family and I decided to dedicate this vacation predominantly to a Holocaust theme. We would be tracing the footsteps of history and stepping on the very grounds of massacre and tragedy.

I begin the trip with a deep desperation to understand how can the world remain silent as these atrocities perpetuated, but I realized that it was merely my misconception. Through this trip I discovered the many inspirational stories of righteous people, neighbors, groups, communities, businesses, and countries who stood up and helped.  This motivated me always to speak up when I see things wrong.

Traveling through history made me realize its parallels with present political and social affairs, inspiring me to engage in humanitarian projects to promote tolerance, respect, and compassion in the Holocaust’s memory.

My Experiences in Germany, Czechoslovakia, & Poland

Trip to Poland

“ARBEIT MACHT FREI” or “WORK SETS YOU FREE” We started at tour at Auschwitz I, the concentration camp. I immediately spotted the infamous sign that reads “ARBEIT MACHT FREI” or “work sets you [...]

Trip to Prague

My research had informed me that Terezìn was a town on the German-Czech border that the Nazis constructed a ghetto and prison camp around. Not only was it a place to abuse innocent victims and [...]

Trip to BERLIN

April 9th, 2016 Fear and Misconceptions We landed in Berlin. The thick, aggressive German accent was intimidating and overwhelming. The people appear so clean, so organized, and composed– just as [...]

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