“If I remain silent, I may help my own soul, but because I do not help other people, I poison my soul. Silence never helps the victim. It only helps the victimizer. Faith, I think of the killer, and I lose all faith. But then I think of the victim, and I’m innovated with compassion. ” Elie Wiesel



The following year, the historical theme was taking a stand in history. I chose to pursue a Holocaust related subject and research Elie Wiesel, a survivor who spoke out against racism and injustice, wrote many books, established a foundation, and eventually won a Nobel Peace Prize. Wiesel is a true inspiration to victims of hardship as his story is one of courage, hope, and perseverance. In addition to researching Wiesel’s life, I analyzed how modern day politics in America point to signs of the Nazi rise to power. I found this aspect especially significant to today’s era as the dangers we currently face are clear.

I find that historical projects like these are critical to understanding the modern world. The significance of historical events go beyond short term and long term impact: they are a preface to the future and they warn us of imminent challenges society must be ready to face. Personally, genocides and human rights conflicts tug at my heart strings due to my diverse cultural background and my identity; the idea of persecuting innocent people for no reason but being themselves is viscerally appalling.

Although my personal community may not have such blatant cases of racial hatred, the only way to shape the ideals and values of the future is by learning from the past and mending the mistakes made. Let’s promote sparks of tolerance through our everyday actions.

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