The Abyss of Hatred: Are we Spiraling into an American Kristallnacht?

We uncover the shooter, Robert Bower’s motives in his interview. He decided to act due to the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society planning to help the caravan coming to the US. Mr. Bowers, who originally stood in opposition to the caravan immigrants entering the United States, decided that because a Jewish organization was planning to help them, he would massacre people of the Jewish faith to prevent this from occurring. Because Trump’s views regarding immigrants and his instilling the American public with fear through his various speeches, he has driven many to believe similarly. Some like Mr. Bowers, go to great lengths; they go beyond exercising first amendment rights of free speech and press to expressing their hatred through actions.

Mr. Trump’s speeches, although powerful and influential, have been incredibly divisive rather than presidential and inclusive. It is necessary to understand that the US is built up of immigrants who have shaped the meaning, the story, and culture of what is our America. His comments regarding people from non-white backgrounds, even women, have been incredibly demeaning. A fervent wave of radical white supremacy back into our nation has surfaced stronger than ever before. Bringing people of all faiths, ethnicities, races, and ages should be on a president’s agenda: when all citizens unite and cooperate, a nation can thrive and flourish.

If Mr. Trump’s messages continue unabated and hate manifests itself into the American culture, beliefs like these will pollute our society. An exponential increase in discriminatory crimes will occur. Again, the evidence of what led to the extermination of 11 million targeted minorities during the Holocaust began with nationalist Nazi rhetoric and was preceded by violence, as seen in Kristallnacht for example; worse followed. So far, two years into Trump’s presidency, the footsteps have been traced, eerily so. On this path, the future for this land of liberty, hopes, and dreams will be a disaster of oppressive darkness.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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